They took their turns standing in the south end zone of an empty stadium on an off day in the middle of the afternoon on Father’s Day. Their audience was one newspaper columnist, a Global TV reporter, her videographer, the two-man broadcast crew from 630 CHED and a two-man crew from “I slept like a baby Saturday night. That was the first time in three months I’d slept that well,” reported Edmonton Eskimos head coach Jason Maas of making his cuts by 8 p.m. the evening previous. “I’d been thinking of cut down day for three months and I went to bed feeling good about the decisions we’d made. Ultimately I am truly, truly excited.” It was a day for big-picture statements to be made. Sophomore head coach Maas and rookie general manager Brock Sunderland, reflecting a return to an era of access in Edmonton, were there for an availability to talk about their newly selected team.

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Terry Jones: Big picture, Eskimos brass happy with squad out of camp