The demolition of the York Hotel has begun. The removal of this building continues the City’s progress in the transformation of downtown, and creates an opportunity for new construction to complement the up-and-coming Boyle Renaissance area. The City had talked to non-profit groups and developers about using and redeveloping the space or preserving the façade of the building, but it was too expensive. The building is no longer safe to lease out or leave vacant and it does not meet the City’s criteria for historical designation. “We had hoped to preserve as much of York as possible to anchor this corner of the Boyle Renaissance redevelopment project,” said Gary Klassen, General Manager of the City’s Sustainable Development department. “We’re pleased to announce that the City has preserved some of the original exterior brickwork for incorporation into future development in the area. Now that the site is being cleared for a fresh start, the City is actively seeking potential partners who are interested in developing the land.” Councillor Jane Batty acknowledged the colourful history of the York Hotel. “In its prime, this building was a community gathering place for generations.

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Demolition of York Hotel will Clear the Way for New Development